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Conservatives, neo-cons, right-wingers, traditionalists, mainstream libertarians...UNITE!

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"I suspect that with the arrival of the "Conservative Coalition," things are gonna change. Like it or not, they are a powerful voting bloc here on the Vine." - Jim Dent   12/27/07

Newsvine's Conservative Cabal That You Always Feared Existed.

Welcome, disenfranchised conservative! Congratulations - memberships into the CCF are not just given to anyone who applies (like that other rightwing Group) - we try and make sure that you are bonafide. Our agenda is to combat the negative and hostile Leftist dominance on Newsvine, fight for fair application of site rules and promote a positive brand of conservatism.

We should pursue these agendas aggressively, but with substance, humor and resolve. There are too many conservatives jumping ship here because the Left is somewhat solidified in their dominance of the site. We aim to change that by backing each other up, welcoming newbies and trying to convince frustrated conservatives to stick it out. You may occasionally recieve an e-mail asking if you would be interested in participating in a project.

Welcome aboard! Remember, what happens at the CCF, stays at the CCF!